Jim & Jane Riley would like to personally thank you for having a look around our website.  As you will soon discover we have an incredible appetite to explore the World and fish in new exciting waters!  That appetite doesn’t end with our personal quests.  We really take great pride in guiding clients and assisting others in finding their dream trip!

Jim has over two decades of guiding, hosting, and consulting others in the World of sporting travel.  Jim’s passion for fishing is the motivating factor to create a division of Riley’s Outdoor Consulting strictly dedicated to global fishing adventures.

Please explore our destinations page.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call or send an email. One of us will personally be calling you back.


Jim Riley





Jim grew up in Minnesota and knew at a young age he wanted to try to earn a living in the outdoors.  It did not take long after graduating college and getting a corporate sales job that Jim the traveling sales life was not for him.  He ended up taking his clients hunting and fishing!  It wasn’t long before the opportunity to run the marketing and guiding duties for a hunting lodge in the Sandhills of Nebraska.  While working at the ranch Jim developed a relationship with the staff of Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures.  At the time they were sending several clients a year to the operation and they were impressed by the trip reports clients were sending in.  At the end of the season, Jim got the call from Cabela’s.  Seems they wanted someone like him to join the team!

In Jim’s opinion that was his huge break in the industry.  Cabela’s went all-in on everything they did, their hunting and fishing consulting agency was no exception.  From day one Jim dove in and became a top-producing agent.  Sales were not the only duty.  Cabela’s was constantly searching the globe for the best hunting and fishing destinations. For several years Jim traveled to such locations on exploratory trips and hosted adventures.

After several years Jim had the desire to get back in the field and decided to get back into guiding full-time.  Jim set off for Northwest Colorado to work with legendary outfitter Dick Dodds, Elkhorn outfitters.  Jim not only guided hunts, but he also worked alongside Dick Dodds performing marketing tasks. During this time Jim continued to arrange Worldwide hunting and fishing trips for clients.

Colorado was amazing but the pinnacle of guiding for any United States resident is guiding in Alaska!  Jim contacted Master Guide Justin Johns and was soon packing his bags for Alaska!

Jim now has over two decades of guiding and consulting experience.  His journeys have taken him all over the world.  He along with his retired Air Force Major wife Jane, and their two dogs split time between Northern Wisconsin and the Crystal River area of Florida.

Jim is ready to go to work for you!


Over thirty years of experienceWILDFISH EXPEDITIONS owner Jim Riley has been guiding and arranging fishing expeditions for clients to premier destinations for over two decades.

We complete Bucket-Lists.  We have the lines-in-the-water experience in the regions of the World we represent.  When you arrange your dream trip with our team you will have our undivided attention.  When you work with us you work with the owner of the company.

Pre-trip planning.  We are not satisfied until you are back home and sharing photos and stories with us!  We take the time to assist you in everything from tackle and clothing selection to where to eat if you have a night in town before you head to the “lodge.”

We are true consultants.  We take the time to get to know our clients and understand what they want out of a trip.  We ask questions and offer options based on the information our clients share with us.  One of our goals is to become your first call when you start thinking about the next expedition.

Customized trips.  Sure we represent some of the best lodges and outfitting operations throughout the globe but many times the perfect trip doesn’t exist.  Some of the best Captains and guides choose to work independently of a lodge. That’s where we step in!  We create a full-service package where we combine the best Captains and guides with the best food and lodging. Some of these trips offer an amazing value.

No extra cost to you! We never charge more than if you booked directly with our outfitting partners.  In fact, in many cases, we negotiate a special rate for our hosted trips and promotional trips which we pass along to our clients.




For over two decades WILDFISH EXPEDITIONS owner Jim Riley and have been hosting sporting travelers around the globe. Past adventures include trips to; Africa, Alaska, Russia, New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, The Amazon, Bolivia, Florida, Manitoba, and several other places.

As the owners of WILDFISH EXPEDITIONS, it is our belief that anglers enjoy the commitment to quality and client satisfaction that is put into each of our hosted trips.  Let’s face it when traveling to a new destination it is nice to have someone traveling with that has the “Real World” experience to be able to assist in the pre-planning and keep things running smoothly on location.

Many of our trips will be hosted by either Jim or one of our Amassadors themselves.  Currently, we are ready for a boom in sporting travel and are organizing hosted trips to Costa Rica, Alaska, Mexico, and Bolivia.  Some of these trips are deemed exploratory as it will be our first time as well!  For those of you adventure seekers, we welcome you to join us!

Stay tuned to this section of the site.  We will be adding future hosted trips here.