Kodiak Island is one of our favorite  Alaskan fishing destinations. So we did our homework to find the best fishing captain based out of the town of Kodiak. We think we did pretty well! Our team was test-fishing with him and his crew in 2017. So now we make it an annual hosted trip.

 In over two decades in the outdoor consulting industry, Wildfish Expeditions owner Jim Riley can count on one hand the number of outfitted adventures that he offered as an “a la carte” type trip. I usually arrange trips that include meals, lodging, guides, etc. The works! However, this Captain concentrates just on the unreal fishing that Kodiak offers. What is great about this is you and your group can build a trip based on World-Class fishing. We will assist you will all logistics, help you find a place to stay that is close to the marina, and see that your fish is processed. The processing is the best we have seen in Alaska.

The fishing in and around Kodiak Island is often left out of the discussion as anglers travel to the high tourist-populated areas of Homer, Seward, Soldotna, and Kenai, to name a handful! Those places can produce excellent fishing results but travel just a little further, and you can be on remote Kodiak!


The Waters Around Kodiak! 

Kodiak offers superb fishing for five species of salmon (king, red, silver, chum, and pink) halibut, rockfish, lingcod, Dolly Varden, steelhead, and rainbow trout.

You will be fishing with our choice of top Captain in the city of Kodiak.  You will begin your day early in the morning.  Depending on tide and weather conditions you will either start your fishing day pursuing halibut and rockfish or going after salmon.

Since halibut are bottom hunters you will be dropping heavy weights baited with fresh cut bait.  Another very productive method is to jig with large plastics or metal jigs.  Hang on as these beasts of the deep want nothing more than to make you give up the fight!

Next up is salmon fishing.  Trolling is often the go-to method unless you locate a large school feasting on herring.  Then it’s time to try a new tactic!  Mooching is a great way to catch salmon.  A cut herring is slowly let down into the school and retrieved slowly back to the boat.  When a salmon hits be ready for big runs and acrobatics!



I (Jim Riley) personally run Northern Wisconsin Kayak Fishing.  It is my summer playground.

We are fully licensed and insured and have the very best equipment.



Kodiak is 3,670 square miles making it Alaska’s largest island. Kodiak is considered to be a sportsperson’s paradise. Quality hunting and fishing adventures are in no short supply! The Kodiak brown bear is one of the famous residents of Kodiak. The bear is unique to Kodiak and considered one of the biggest brown bear sub-species in the World! Joining the bear on Kodiak are Sitka black-tailed deer, mountain goats, and reindeer. The bear is the only indigenous of the four species that now call Kodiak home.

When you are fishing you will also be on one of the World’s greatest wildlife tours!  Simply breathtaking may best describe your charter around the Kodiak area. Here there is an abundance of wildlife including Bears, Mountain Goats, Deer, Bald Eagles, three different color phases of Fox, Otter, Beaver, and Ermine.

Shifting your view from land to the sea you will witness an abundance of Sea Otters, Sea Lions, several species of  Whales, and a multitude of Sea birds including Puffins and Eiders.


Currently, we do not offer food and lodging for this trip.  However, we are happy to assist clients in finding accommodations from camping to first-class lodges.

Don’t have camping gear, we can offer you all camping gear in a package.  

We know of several campgrounds where we can set up your camp and guide you on your fishing adventures.












Basic 5-hour Kayak Charter $140 PP

Extreme Angler Package – 2 full days fishing, 2 anglers

Fish – Camp – Cook Package $500.00 per day 1 or 2 anglers


Prime dates:

June – July – August – September

2023 Hosted trip takes place in July 2023. Call for details. Jim Riley 406-580-4036.


  • Excellent Lodging
  • Transfers to fishing, restaurants, and rivers
  • Three days of professionally guided fishing.  Each boat has a Captain and First Mate.
  • Exclusive use of boats by our group
  • All rods, reels, bait, and tackle
  • Lunches on the boat
  • Last day MEGA fish fry! 
  • Professional consultation from our staff throughout the trip planning process
  • Airfare to Kodiak, Alaska
  • Gratuities to staff and guides
  • Fishing license
  • Fish processing
  • Breakfasts and some dinners

Fly to Kodiak Alaska, transfer to your choice of lodging.  In the morning meet the boat and Captain at the marina.